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The recreation of the time capsule collection

What Would it take to recreate the Time Capsule Collection of 236,000+ Unplayed records?

1.  1.5 TO 2.5 Million dollars for Vinyl only purchases.

2.  1 to 3 thousand man hours at $10-12 per hour for the following:


a.  Locating sellers of unplayed vinyl

b.  Emails, phone calls, internet searches, collector publications, etc.

c.  Making the purchases of unplayed vinyl

d.  Purchases could be single items, ten to hundreds or possibly thousands at a time

e.  Deal with wrong items, damaged in shipping, inferior condition and trackunreceived shipments, enter into a database each item purchased, Place into stock or storage area with proper catalog retrieval system.

f.  Someone must supervise/manage the above activity

3.  Pay for shipping and insurance charges during shipping.  These transportation charges may range up to $6 per record or more, if small quantities are purchased. International purchases will be more cumbersome and expensive.  If one were to accumulate over 225,000 unplayed records, piece by piece, the shipping related charges could easily be in the multi hundred thousand dollar range.

Or one could be fortunate enough to have the collection already together and acquire it in one fell swoop, before it became widely known to others!

Of the billions of vinyl records that have been pressed, less than 1% remain unplayed, a rare and exciting portion of the collectable vinyl space.

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