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The value of "Blue Christmas"

The framed piece shown “Blue Christmas” is a fine example of the beautiful pieces that can be created with records. Let’s look at the numbers. Another piece, “Love Me Tender”quite similar to the one shown, was also created at Masterpiece Gallery in Smyrna, Georgia by owner Craig Barfield. (770-436-9677).

The wholesale cost was $200.00 with museum quality. Mr. Barfield indicates quantity orders will reduce production costs by 25 to 37%, putting wholesale at $125.00 to $150.00. A certified Presley autograph was added to the piece for $600.00. It was then sold at auction for $4,000.00, netting a profit of $3,200.00. Please note here that these pieces can be created using any of the multitude of celebrities featured in the collection…Elton John, Bruce Springsteen, Celine Dion, Alan Jackson, Shania Twain etc… Looking at this profit margin, a whopping 500%, through a conservative lens, let’s adjust it for the variance in artists offered and auction settings by setting the average profit per piece at $1,000.00. With 236,000 records in the Time Capsule Collection, again, let’s conservatively project that only 20,000 records, just 10% of the collection is framed and sold at auction over 3 to 5 years. With the average profit per piece at $1,000.00, profits total $20,000,000.00 (twenty million dollars). Taking that projection and cutting it in half, we still have a phenomenal overall return on investment of 500%, in this case $10,000,000 (ten million dollars).

An entry level price point is established using the same style framed pieces without an autograph. Again, these pieces are made in quantity for $125 to $150.00 and sell comfortably at $350 to $400.00 , boasting a profit margin of 266%. An intermediate price point is created with a lithographed signature. It’s important to note that these robust margins are additionally strengthened by the “Limited Edition” and “One Of A kind” aspect of these framed pieces. “Limited Edition” runs are created and numbered, as are “One Of A Kind” pieces by virtue of variations in design. Yet, the most significant aspect of these pieces, from a marketing perspective, is the fact that the phonograph records used to create them are from The Time Capsule Collection as featured twice in Goldmine Magazine, the premier record collectors international publication. As such they are unplayed, in absolute mint condition and carry with them the prestige of being from this “Astounding, one of a kind record collection” with the plethora of rare and unique elements well documented in both Goldmine articles written by Associate Editor Cathy Bernardy. Each framed piece will have a signed and numbered Time Capsule Collection Certificate Of Authenticity.    

A close look at the details

One of the twenty three pallets of records still in shrinkwrap.

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